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Introduction to Web Development and Site Promotion with Bended Knee

Currently all of our sites are built using a combination of html, css, flex, java, and flash. We focus on developing sites that have rich content relevant to our client’s products and services as well as clean, visually appealing websites that reflect your company branding. It is important to us that your website appearance reflects your company. We have put together a list of the elements we feel are the keys to developing a usable, effective website.

Intuitive Flow – The website must be easy to navigate and make sense to the user. If the site is easy to navigate it will also result in higher search engine rankings.

Relevant – The content needs to be specifically focused on the client’s products and services, also resulting in better search engine rankings.

Target Audience – Who or what is the website intended for?

Manageable – The website has to be manageable within the client’s resources (financial, personnel, etc.). We build websites with a long term vision in mind.

Realistic Expectations – We strive to be clear about what is realistic in regards to timelines, traffic generation, and the prospective return on investment.

If you should choose as your custom website developer we will start with an initial conversation covering the company goals for the site, budget, similar sites, etc. You will be teamed up with a web developer who will handle your website build from start to finish. We are a smaller firm with dedicated attention to our clients. If you have any questions please contact one of our staff members. We are looking forward to starting your website project today!

Fees for services provided (simplified)

Web related:

Custom Website Generation - $350 first page and $200 for each consecutive page (min. 5 pages)

Image galleries - $250 (10 – 15 images)

Custom coding (Flash, Flex, Database, etc.) - $100/hr

Logo and/or artwork creation - $100/hr

Ecommerce – intial store set up to match main site branding - $1500 then $250/month*

Landing pages or “ad” pages - $450 each or $300 each if purchased in groups of three or more

Managed Hosting and Domain registration - $120/yr + $20/yr per domain

Search Engine Placement, Analysis, and Marketing related:

Initial Search engine and current website analysis including relevant keywords - $375

Google, Yahoo, Bing: Pay per Click and Analytics consulting - $225 - $675/month*

Article submission, directory submission, and content development - $100/hr

Social Media related:

Social Media is a rapidly growing marketing tool that can provide you with another way to promote your company and connect with your customers and associates. Bended Knee now offers a Social Media Package to set you up and train you in all social media outlets.

Social Media Package includes: Facebook Account Creation, Facebook landing page and icon, Twitter account creation and setup, training in both using Facebook as a Business and getting started in Twitter, and more - $350

Contact us if you would like pricing on individual accounts set up.

If you have any questions, we would love to go over them with you and make sure everyone is on the same page.

*if this is a required service please discuss with your dedicated account representative so you can get more details.